Saturday, August 3, 2013

My First Blog

Hi, welcome to my very first blog.  Please forgive my blog if it gets bogged.  So a little about myself.  I have moved from a small city in Idaho and am now living in the huge city of Tucson. 

 It has been quite the journey of self discovery and life lessons that I needed in order to kick my rear into gear.  I learned that I could grow a cactus in Idaho, but will kill it quickly in Arizona. But I am growing watermelon easily.  

I have been working on quilting projects and have finally finished my sister K.'s baby quilt for her 3rd daughter.  I learned a fair amount about binding and machine quilting and texturing for this quilt.

Here it is!!!  I am very proud of this blanket.  I worked very hard and spent several months and youtube video's to learn how to put this all together.

That's all for now.